The Logic Behind A New Registration

The age old debate of TOURNAMENT SUPER TEAMS….. heard it a million times, or so it seems. 


Some believe the way to combat the issue is using a draft format.  However, one of the greatest attributes of the sport is the ability to build a team consisting of players that are compatible, have a history together, and understand team chemistry.  A draft format doesn’t accomplish much of those aspects.  If players were paid then it’s a completely different story.  But in the end, a draft is nothing more than a watering down of the competition in an effort to create parity with little sense of accomplishment or reward. Show up at an event for a day, play with 3 or 4 new guys, win-lose-draw, go home looking for another challenge with a new team.


For 2019, FP has adopted a new entry fee plan that is based on players’ skill levels.


Highest skilled players are more likely to win it all and more times than none play with other highly skilled players.  These highly skilled players/teams are more likely and are the odds on favorites to win it all.  The new system raises the entry fee for these high caliber teams while maintaining a lower entry threshold for new players and teams. 


It’s understood this system isn’t for everyone and some will complain but it is right for Fast Plastic and this new age of super competitors.  We hope all tournament directors will take a close look at how this can work and try to adopt this system or similar going forward.