The 2019 Big Flyz Homerun Derby will be a mighty demonstration of monstrous bombs. 


For those that participated last year, well, you know how awesome it was.  Champion Ryan Wood taking home the honors.  More than 150 homers were hit by over 50 participants all taking place under the lights.

Due to the overwhelming number of entries last year, players are asked to reserve slots by emailing Fast Plastic in advance.  Your name will be added to the schedule. 


Round One AB’s begin around 6:00 pm and will continue through 7:30 pm. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. BIG FLYZ supplies all the bats.  Use your own Big Flyz bat or grab one from Babz.

  2. Entry fee is $10.00 for 10 pitches

  3. You choose your own pitcher

  4. Pitching distance will be 30 feet

  5. Batters get 10 swings

  6. A batter can enter as many times as needed while time permits.

  7. The eight highest homerun totals from round one will advance to round two.

  8. Batters will be seeded and paired up for round two.  1 vs. 8  2 vs. 7 and so on…..











The BIG FLYZ Homerun Derby Champion receives a trophy Big Flyz Bat custom built by the man, Babz, and a significant cash bonus.


What are you waiting on?  Get your name on the list now.