This giant trophy is the most significant piece of hardware in the sport of wiff.  The teams listed on this magnificent artifact have accomplished a feat that requires a tremendous amount of skill, unbelievable endurance, a never say die approach, and the desire to rip a beating heart out of an opponent’s chest.  Only a handful has ever hoisted a true national championship trophy and very few ever will in the future.  Key word is NATIONAL.  


Upon a closer look at the towering trophy you start to notice the different tiers and how the teams are grouped based on time and eras.


Starting at base level tier one are the World Wiffle Federation.  This National Championship was more than a week long tournament in the Boston area with teams traveling from throughout the country.  


Taking a step up is where Cincinnati was the pinnacle and the only 3-peat Champion Team Trenton.  These tournaments were hosted by county officials on a permanent multi wiffle ball field complex. Again, a truly national in scope, multiple day tournament.


New Jersey becomes king in the later part of the 90’s as Summer Showdown booms.  In 1998 and 1999 the champions hoisted trophies late at night under the lights at Pat Pone Field in Trenton- Four continuous days of games against the best teams from coast-to-coast.


Things changed in 2000 and even more in ’01 and ’02.  Teams were now being flown around the country to compete for titles and none were more impressive than the USPPBA championship series’.  The 2000 champion had to win an entire schedule of tournaments, or a tour round the country- a grueling season.


A new era rocketed quickly to the forefront with the FP NCT held at the conclusion of each season in Austin, Texas.  20 regional champions were flown to Texas to battle it out and by ’05 that number had reached 40 teams. Champs came from Seattle, San Diego, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and everywhere else.  The NCT Champions were the champion of champions. 2003-2009.


Today’s champs are a very powerful mixture of finesse and power pitchers and hitters.  The bats and balls may have changed but the hearts of these new national champions are more intense than ever.  The FP NCT/ Texas Open has been the most competitive tournament in the world featuring the very best players from around the country.  Teams are strategically built for a long and grinding 2-day tournament. 


Throughout the years many tournaments have come and gone as well as all the organizations boasting of champions and national champions.  Many have been very competitive and of good quality. But ask any veteran player, ask a real Champion, and they will all tell you the same thing-  If your team name isn’t displayed on the CHAMPIONS TROPHY (see massive pic) your titles just don't carry the same clout.


Past National Champions provided some insight about winning these big events and how it has carried with each ever since.


“ If you’ve ever hiked a  mountain, there’s this epic moment that happens when you get to the peak, where you’re exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time.  Where all the work has paid off. That’s what winning the NCT was like… but times 10!”  

Gary LaVoie

603 All Stars

2008 FP Champions


“It was never about winning a championship.  It was always about beating the best.”

Tom Locosio

In the Box

2000 & 2005  FP Champions


“It was living out a childhood dream on a professional level”   

Mike Cross  GSW 2007 FP Champions


“Winning it all meant validation!  It’s one thing to think you’re the best and to say you’re the best but to go out on the biggest stage the sport has to offer and prove you’re the best is something no one can ever take away from you!”   

Chris Schrock 

Zoo Crew


World Wiffle Federation Champion


“Winning the national championship was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment both from a personal/ player standpoint and from a team aspect as well.”   

Bruce Chrystie



World Wiffle Federation Champion


“Best of the Best.  Bucket List’er for me.”  

Ed Packer

C-4/ Cloud 9

2017-2018 FP Champion


Players are encouraged to get out and play a lot.  Hit up all the tournaments scattered around the country.  Build your team chemistry, refine your skills, brag about winning, and then, when your team is ready to play the best teams and players on a true national scale, make the trip to the Fast Plastic NCT.  In the grand scheme of competitive unrestricted wiffs, Fast Plastic is the King and nothing else comes close.