New website captures the look and feel of the golden age

Maybe you weren’t born yet, or hatched, but in the dawning age of websites FP had the absolute best.  An infinite influx of wifflers whipping on and off the site every hour readings news, checking rankings, tracking points, gossiping, trolling, and everything in between.

Since 2016 FP has burned through numerous sites, and virtually been screwed blued and tattooed by various entities.  Rather than invest in more tech, a decision was made to keep it simple.  Thus the dawning of the new RETRO FP look.

A few goals are set for this new site.  First keep players informed regarding the best tournament in the world- The Fast Plastic NCT.  Secondly, occasional and random updates posted about news and events.  And thirdly, but not final, some editorials, bashings, truth-telling articles, and opinions from the players.  It’s all coming and fast.

Included is a snapshot of how the FP site of old looked in or around 2003.