2017, 2018, 2019 are defined as the current Fast Plastic era.  A numeric value has been placed on all players competing in the current Fast Plastic era.  Players receive one (1) point for each year in attendance at the FP Texas Open NCT for the current FP era.  For example, Bill Owens played at the Texas Open NCT in 2017, 18, and 19.  His point value is a three (3).  All team rosters from 2017 through 2019 are stored for future review.

For the 2020 season Fast Plastic recognizes team rosters in two ways:

  • Total point value for a team roster may not exceed six points.

  • All teams must have a minimum of one player that has not attended the FP Texas Open NCT for the current era 2017 through 2019.

  • Team rosters will have a maximum of 4 players

  • Exceptions- see Family Team

Standard Team comprised of various players from within a defined region.

  • Roster must be comprised of players from within the same regionSee regions list)

  • A player’s Region is determined by mailing address and confirmed via valid state issued ID as needed.

  • Roster must include one zero (0) point value player

  • Roster not to exceed a total of six points

  • (roster variations)

    • 3-3-0-0

    • 3-2-1-0

    • 3-1-1-0

    • 2-2-2-0

    • 2-2-1-0

    • 2-1-0-0

    • 2-0-0-0

    • 1-1-1-0

    • 1-1-0-0

    • 1-0-0-0

    • 0-0-0-0

Family Team comprised of brothers and/or father-son combinations.  These teams may opt to play as a two or three man squad. 

  • Team roster may exceed six points if members are brothers/ father.

  • Roster may consist of two or three players only if two players are brothers or father/ son combination.   

  • Family team may be comprised of players from different regions.


Examples of family team rosters:

2-man team

Brother 1 - Brother 2

Father- Son

3-man team

Brother 1- Brother 2- Brother 3

Father- Brother 1- Brother 2

Father 1- Brother 1- Player 1

Brother 1- Brother 2- Player 1

4-man team

All members must be family or fourth player must be a zero and reside within same region.  Cannot have two family and two non family players on same roster.

(Player 1 must have minimum one year as a team member at the FP Texas Open NCT with respective team)


  1. CA



  4. TX-OK


  6. IL-MO-KS


  8. MI-IN-KY-OH

  9. PA

  10. VA-WV-MD-DE

  11. NJ

  12. NY

  13. CT

  14. VT-NH-ME

  15. MA

  16. RI